Cgi Tutorials [Tagboard Tutorial-UPDATED]

CHMODing is VERY important!,if you don't do it your scripts will NOT work
666 = Read & Write for all three columns.
755 = Read, Write & Execute for Owner, Read & Execute for Group & Other.
777 = Read, Write & Execute for all.

Need Help on CHMODing? If you use Cute Ftp click here an if you have WS_FTP click here

A Tag Board is something you see on more an more sites these days an a really cool way to get your visitors to interact or something..

1)First if you don't have it download tagboard here then extract to a folder of your choice.
2)Second you HAVE to double check an make sure your perl path is right(in all cgi files) its usually"#!/usr/bin/perl",if your not sure ask your host.
3)Edit board.shtml an tag.html to the colors/fonts/etc. that u want.
4)Next make a directory called tag then Upload all files in ASCII mode!
5)Then CHMOD tag.cgi, tag.txt, an iplog.txt to 777 (iplog keeps those fags from flooding your tag).
6)Your tagboard should be set up now.