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Crap posted on 10/20/14 by Opie


11 Year Old Thug

All the RKO Vines! Haha

Stone Cold Stunner Out Of Nowhere!

Bird Says 'Fuck You'


Things Men Would Do For Sex

Redneck Couch Moving

Man Caught Secretly Being A Fan

Really Fun Golf Game!

Miley Cyrus Shows Her Tits

Couple Caught Fucking At Water Park! (DAT ASS!)

HOT Locker Room Sex!

Big Tits And a HUGE Ass!

Naked Drive Thur Prank!

Teens Make Their Own Sex Tape

Two Sexy British Lesbians Have Fun With Toys

This Is A Perfect Ass!

40 Greatest Moments in Sports Cleavage History

Sexy Carwash Girls

Horny Young Girlfriend's Good Fucking

18 Year Old Step-Sister Fuck

When Gymnasts Do Porn


Stanley died in a fire and his body was burned badly.

The morgue needed someone to identify the body, so they sent for his two best deer hunting friends, Cooter and Gomer.

The three men had always hunted and fished together and were long time members of a hunting camp.

Cooter arrived first, and when the mortician pulled back the sheet, Cooter said, "Yup, his face is burned up pretty bad. You better roll him over." The mortician rolled him over and Cooter said, "Nope, ain't Stanley ."

The mortician thought this was rather strange, So he brought Gomer in to confirm the identity of the body. Gomer looked at the body and said, "Yup, he's pretty well burnt up. Roll him over." The mortician rolled him over and Gomer said, "No, it ain't Stanley."

The mortician asked, "How can you tell?"

Gomer said, "Well, Stanley had two ass-holes."

"What! He had two ass-holes?" asked the mortician.

"Yup, we never seen 'em, but everybody used to say, there's Stanley with them two ass-holes."

- FFL -

[NSFW] Ladies [PORN]
[NSFW] Nice Legs. [PICS]
[NSFW] Baby Oil Vs Boobs! [PICS]
[ SFW ] Get Your Vape On! [DEALS]
[NSFW] She is a Dream Girl! [PICS]
[NSFW] Girls With Nice Racks [PICS]
[NSFW] Hotties In Sport Bras! [PICS]
[NSFW] Hot Yoga Pants Babes [PICS]
[NSFW] Holy FUCK @ Her Tits! [VIDEO]
[NSFW] I Miss Summer Already [PICS]
[ SFW ] Need some Clean Pee? [USEFUL]
[ SFW ] Spider Gets Inside Man [VIDEO]
[NSFW] After Hours Office Sex! [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Sexy Dallas Cowboy Fans [PICS]
[NSFW] Hot and Sexy Pin-Up Girls [PICS]
[NSFW] Mother of God.. DAT ASS! [PICS]
[NSFW] Lesbian 4some on a Boat! [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Good Looking Cock Sucker! [VIDEO]
[NSFW] She's Hot From Every Angle! [PICS]
[ SFW ] Spooky Island Survival Escape [GAME]
[ SFW ] Gruesome Chainsaw Massacre [VIDEO]
[ SFW ] Probably the Coolest Lock Ever [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Busty Asian Babe Rubs one Out [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Lisa Ann: The Ultimate MILF Sex [VIDEO]
[NSFW] I think these Boobs are Real Too! [PICS]
[NSFW] Threesome On Public Stage Show [VIDEO]
[ SFW ] Some People Are Just Simply Jerks [PICS]
[NSFW] Teen In Fishnets Blows A Hard Cock [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Spy Camera Films Fast 1 Night Stand [VIDEO]
[NSFW] All Of These Babes Have Huge Boobs! [PICS]
[NSFW] Busty Babe Knows How To Ride A Dick [PICS]
[NSFW] Stepsister Walks in and Helps Him Cum [VIDEO]
[NSFW] We Don't know How He Got Three Girls [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Learn all there is to know about fisting [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Sexy New Host of a Juventus TV Show [VIDEO]
[NSFW] This chick is perfect in every single way. [PORN]
[ SFW ] Google hires camel for desert Street View [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Dude gets to Bang To Hot Amateur Chicks [VIDEO]
[NSFW] That one chick has some AWESOME Boobs [VIDEO]
[NSFW] White Girl Gets Trained To Lick Black Pussy [VIDEO]
[ SFW ] Impress them with your Coffee Table Books [COOL]
[NSFW] Drunk Party Girls Are The Best (When Naked) [PICS]
[ SFW ] US Marine Survives Headshot From Taliban Sniper [VIDEO]
[ SFW ] 32 Signs That Prove There Is a Glitch In The Matrix [PICS]
[ SFW ] Woman Proves Homeopathic Sleeping Pills Are Bullshit [VIDEO]
[ SFW ] 18 Things You Had No Idea These Celebrities Could Do [PICS]
[ SFW ] Mocking a Sniper who has you Pinned Down Balls of Steel [VIDEO]
[ SFW ] What Narcolepsy Really Looks Like. Spoiler Alert - It Sucks. [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Blowjob from the Hottest Busty Bitch Interrupted by a Neighbor [VIDEO]
[ SFW ] 17 People That Look Exactly Like These Cartoon Characters. Comic Book Guy Looks Great! [PICS]

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FRIDAYish posted on 10/17/14 by Opie

Canadian Guy Vandalizes A Bunch Of Signs

Text Message Conversations (Key & Peele) HAHA

Girl Takes Her Instagram Selfies To The Next Level

Hunter Shoots A Moose From VERY Close Range

Watch Out For Dumbass Kids!

Kid Writes A Story That Would Freak Stephen King Out

Kid Freaks Out When His Dad Fake Cries

Cheerleader SUPER FAIL!

King's Rush

Best Hand Bras In The World!

This Is The Strangest Porno Ever.. LOL

All Aboard The Threesome Train!!!!!!!!


DUFUQ Is This?

Homemade Bathroom Fuck!

Her Boobs Must Be Heavy

Perky Booty Chick

Who's Riding Who?

This Sex Tape Blew My Fucking Mind

Mia's Ass Is Like Magic!

25 Seconds Of Cornhole Heaven


A young man moved into a new apartment on his own, and went to the lobby to put his name on his mailbox.

While there, an attractive young lady came out of the apartment next to the mailboxes wearing a robe.

The boy smiled at the young woman and she started a conversation with him.

As they talked, her robe slipped open, and it was obvious that she had nothing else on. The poor kid broke into a sweat trying to maintain eye contact. After a few minutes, she placed her hand on his arm and said, "Let's go to my apartment, I hear someone coming."

He followed her into her apartment; she closed the door and leaned against it, allowing her robe to fall off completely. Now nude, she purred at him, "What would you say is my best feature?" Flustered and embarrassed, he finally squeaked, "It's got to be your ears!"

Astounded, and a little hurt she asked, "My ears? Look at these breasts; they are full and 100% natural! I work out every day! My butt is firm and solid! Look at my skin - no blemishes anywhere! How can you think that the best part of my body is my ears?"

Clearing his throat, he stammered, "Outside, when you said you heard someone coming? That was me."

- FFL -

[NSFW] Naked Tennis! [VIDEO]
[NSFW] One Night Stand [PORN]
[ SFW ] Need to get a job? [USEFUL]
[ SFW ] US Marines vs ROK [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Brides in Underwear [PICS]
[NSFW] This Blonde is Insane! [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Girls With Nice Racks! [PICS]
[NSFW] Titties and The Beach [PICS]
[ SFW ] Pets Interrupting Yoga [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Sexy Mass Effect Babe [PICS]
[NSFW] She Shows Girls Her Boobs [PICS]
[ SFW ] Another Fun Escape Game! [GAME]
[ SFW ] What Fucking Color Are You? [QUIZ]
[NSFW] Cam Girl With Super Big Tits! [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Amy Reid in a Hot 31min Clip [VIDEO]
[NSFW] A gangbang worth watching! [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Fishnet Top Frees Her Big Tits [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Dude Bangs His Hot Co-Workers [VIDEO]
[NSFW] MILF With Great Natural Hangers [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Hot Babes Thrashed Like Whores! [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Ebola battle through nurse's eyes [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Impressive: Girl Can Cum Unassisted [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Curly slut plays with her Huge Melons [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Natural Babes are Always More Sexy [PICS]
[NSFW] This chick is perfect in every single way. [PORN]
[NSFW] Webcam Bombshell Fucks Goofball BF [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Amateur Busty Wife Gives Good Head [VIDEO]
[NSFW] She's Like A Real Life Smurf, but naked! [PICS]
[NSFW] Babe Showing Her Big Tits Everywhere! [PICS]
[NSFW] Hottest Naked Redhead You'll See Today [PICS]
[NSFW] Amateur Teen Never Had Sex this Good! [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Best Friends see who can cum the Fastest [VIDEO]
[ SFW ] 10 Moments Of Imminent Fail; #5 Is Insane [PICS]
[ SFW ] US marine Survives Taliban Sniper Headshot [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Using Half Naked Girls in Ads Always Works [PICS]
[ SFW ] E-Juices, E-Cig starter kits, Mods & Accessories [DEALS]
[NSFW] Nikki Benz and Alektra Blue are wild with sex toys [VIDEO]
[ SFW ] 9 Chili Dogs Every Man Should Try Before He Dies [PICS]
[ SFW ] The Wiivengers (A Marvel/Nintendo-Verse Mashup) [VIDEO]
[ SFW ] 32 More Fascinating Facts To Boost Your Brain Power [PICS]
[NSFW] Man dies after being sucked into grass shredder *Graphic* [PICS]
[ SFW ] Woman sings multiple notes at once and it's pretty mindblowing [VIDEO]
[ SFW ] 25 Homemade Halloween Costumes That Are Hauntingly Horrible [PICS]
[ SFW ] 23 Creative Solutions To Your Most Pressing First World Problems [PICS]
[NSFW] It's Friday, Time for happy hour at the hottie, Instagram selfie bar [PICS]
[ SFW ] Dancing Pistons Usher Is Back, and His Moves Are as Smooth as Ever [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Females Build Up Tolerance To Marijuana Faster Than Males, Study Finds [PICS]
[ SFW ] You Will Probably Watch this Epic Hurdles Fail Over and Over for the Next 10 Minutes [VIDEO]

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Thursday Crap posted on 10/16/14 by Opie


Matrix: iPhone Edit
Nyan Bike Wheels
Ferrorfluid: The Magnetic Liquid
Extreme Work Out!
Just Hiding In A Pipe
Alien Sex?
Wait For It! HAHAHA
Best Amateur Booty I've Seen
Sexy Criminals!
Fun Tank Game!
A Bunch Of Lesbian Teens!
Flexible Busty Blonde!

Playing With Her Big Titties

- FFL -

[NSFW] Bikini Babes! [PICS]
[ SFW ] Implantable Tech [PICS]
[NSFW] Bombs and Boobs [PICS]
[NSFW] WTF Of The Year [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Naked Beer Pong? [PICS]
[NSFW] Katy Perry's Boobs [PICS]
[NSFW] Sexiest Yoga Poses [PICS]
[NSFW] I see 4 nice Boobies [PICS]
[NSFW] Her Tits Are Perfect [PICS]
[NSFW] Sport Bras Are Great [PICS]
[NSFW] Sexy Latina Cam Girl [VIDEO]
[ SFW ] No smoking allowed? [DEALS]
[NSFW] Cop Fucks A Hot Teen! [VIDEO]
[ SFW ] Can You Figure It Out? [GAME]
[NSFW] Photography For Adults [PICS]
[NSFW] Don't think her clothes fit [PICS]
[NSFW] How Did that fit in her?!!! [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Tell Her To Strip.. Slowly. [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Georgia Peach Ultimate Ass! [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Big natural tits dripping with jizz [VIDEO]
[ SFW ] Jimmy Fallon feat. will.i.am - Ew! [VIDEO]
[NSFW] College Party Turns Into An Orgy [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Teen Step-Daughter wants the D [VIDEO]
[ SFW ] This Prank Looks Like A Giant Dick [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Teasing Blonde With Huge Hooters [PICS]
[NSFW] Thick Chick Has Some Huge Titties [PICS]
[NSFW] The deadly streets of Sierra Leone [PICS]
[NSFW] Tia Tanaka Rammed In Her Tight Ass! [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Korean/Japanese Models are Amazing [PICS]
[NSFW] We Give This Home Video a Perfect 10 [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Disneyland stunt show horrible accident [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Sex Tapes Should Not be THIS Awkward [VIDEO]
[ SFW ] 12 Photos Captured at the Right Moment [PICS]
[ SFW ] Game of Thrones Theme - Western Cover [VIDEO]
[NSFW] When deepthroating goes a little too deep [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Who Knew Hundu Girls could be so Damn HOT [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Now His Wife Has A Real Reason To Be Jealous [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Her Bra Is Filled With Kool-Aid.. Or Maybe Beer? [PICS]
[NSFW] 31 Photos and GIFs that make you scream WTF! [PICS]
[NSFW] Stripping Teen Fondles Her Tits During Her Selfies [PICS]
[NSFW] Nerdy Teen Forgets all Homework By Sucking Dick [VIDEO]
[ SFW ] Virgin Hotels Launches Inaugural Brilliant Campaign [VIDEO]
[NSFW] Bitches drinking each other's squirt juices.. Dafuq?.. [VIDEO]
[ SFW ] This will help you keep your job (If you're a Pot Head) [USEFUL]
[NSFW] The Grossest Form of Public Protest? (Don't watch while eating) [VIDEO]
[ SFW ] 16 Moms Who Shared The Weirdest Things Their Kids Have Ever Done [PICS]
[ SFW ] You'll Never Look At These Animals The Same Again After Reading This. [PICS]
[NSFW] This site is giving out coupons to get into paid hookup sites for free, hurry up [PORN]

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