Ok before any thing look at this window

Now that is called a channle A.K.A a room you should know this by now though.

Ok we will first start with how to view a file server
You must type the Trigger that the person is using.
!"text here"

They Also are known to use other commands like this:
/ctcp "text here"

Some Also Just Use Plain Text:
"blah blah" "getmovies" "mygameS"

Once inside the file server there will be even more commands you must learn.
Here They Are:

CD "directory name" Change your current directory
Dir List all the files in current directory
Get "file name"
you must include the format to ".exe .zip etc.."
Gets file from the file server
Sends Shows a list of current sends
queues Shows a list of waiting queues
clr_queues Deletes all of your queues from server
Those Aren't All The Commands but pretty close and all the ones you need to know.
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