I've seen people asking for Windows 2000 Pro, Server whatever reg keys and shit, so i figured i'd submit this to save them the trouble...

This is supposed to work for ALL versions of Windows 2000, but i know for a fact it works for Pro because i used it. Ten simple steps, follow them and you have Win 2000 for free,woohoo

1) download 2000, or get it on disk
2) extract it all to a folder
3) go into the 1386 folder
4) find setupp.ini
5) right click it
6) go to properties
7) uncheck "read only"
8) open the setupp.ini file
9) there you will see a few lines of numbers, all you do is go to the very bottom row, and change the three last #'s to 270
10) burn it as a data cd and install

Tutorial by: www.cocky-jeremy.net