Written by:TriX

Cheating Vending Machines:

Aww yes, my favorite to rip off. Use these ideas to get around paying a dollar for 20 oz of incredibly good tasting liquid. However I do not support this because it is ILLEGAL. So don't try it :).


The most common heard of way to rip off a drink vending machine. The proceess is very simple, involving "tipping", just as the bold above says.

What to do:
Be safe, have atleast 3 strong people participate in the tipping, and one scrawny little kid to run away to not get into trouble. Ok, the 3 people just simple tip the machine over fairly far, and shake. The cans of pop will simply move up the little vertical rows they are kept in and flow freely down the tube that the cans come out of. After gathering your pop,run like hell.
Do realize, this is danger. www.cokemachineaccidents.com for proof.


Ever notice all the excess changes that come out of vending machines? Well now is yourchance to collect it all. All you have to do is find a vending machine that has a lot of "customers". Now while no one is around, stuff something like a napkin up into the coin return box thingy where all the extra change comes out (napkins are nice because they tend to get stuck better into the coin return). Now, people will come back, with their nice crisp dollar bills, buy a 75 cent pop, and get ripped off 25 cents when they think they should be getting their quarter back. This is a very proven and effective method of cheating off vending machines. I have done this several times, and have come away w/ 25+ quarters a day.

Fun with Saltwater:

Ok, this stuff sounds very dangerous. I have never tried this, but i did find a site w/ a demo of it, so i decided to tell you how to do this. I wont try this though, that's for sure.

Now this method is fairly dangerous, and should probably not be tried just for shits and giggles as it involves possible electrocution, explosion, as well as permanent damage to a rather expensive piece of technology. To accomplish the infamous salt water malfunction one must first fill a spray bottle with water that contains small amounts of fine salt. Now, find your victim vending machine and squirt heavy amounts of water into the coin slot and jump back. The saline solution should cause the machine to short, forcing it to spew free soda and coins all of the place. This practice was originally done on MacGuyver, and unfortunately the publicity of it all has pretty much put an end to it. Several years back vending machine companies, after loosing an average of about $600 each vandalism took place, began perforating the channel that the coins fell through, causing a diversion for the salt water. However, on older machines that have the coin slot above the dollar intake this method should still work.

Crazy Sounding isn't it???

Clay key and lock:

Ok, this will get you into a machines safe. I seriously don't think this works very well, and have never gotten it to work. What you do is you gather some fairly hard clay, but the clay still has to be malleable. You jam the clay into the key whole for the safe where all the quarters and shizzy shiz goes. Now, carefully pull your new key out of the hole, and let it dry. Next, come back later, and see if your key worked. People say this works,
i've never gotten it to work, so tell me if you get it to work.

If you know how to pick locks, hell just do that. It'll save you a lot of trouble.

Double Dollars (my fav):

Grab your super nice crisp looking favorite bill you got. Next grab another dollar bill that looks like oprah just sat on it. Take your nice bill, and put it on a table the way it would go into a machine. Next, take your 2nd dollar bill, crappy as he**, upside down and turned around a little ways behind it, all lined up. Now, tape the two bills together barely split apart. You have your little contraption made.

Now go to your favorite low-traffic vending machine. Put your crisp dollar bill (with the crappy one connected right behind it) into the machine, and quickly hit your favorite pop as fast as you can. The machine will then read the first bill, see that you pushed your favorite pop, and the pop will come rolling out. But while that is happening, your 2nd bill is going through and the machine see that it is unacceptable, so it spits it out, dragging your nice bill along w/, and adding a bonus of some free quarters in the change return.


Yes i do realize that a lot of sites have these types of stuff written on it. However there is original content on here, i wrote it all myself, no copying. However on the salt trick part, i give all credit to the original writer and i did NOT write that part.