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First, you will need to open 3D Studio Max. Go into Standard Primitives, click on Geosphere, and make a pretty good sized geosphere.(You can make any shape you want, but to make things easy, I suggest to follow what I'm doing.) Now press F3 to show the wireframe. Right click on the sphere, and goto Convert To > Editable Mesh. Right click again, goto Sub-Objects > Polygon. Now you will need to make a few crystals. To do this, click on a triangle within the geosphere. Now hold CTRL, and choose a few more. Then in the right menu, if you scroll, you should see Extrude. Enter 40 for the amount.

Now this part can be a little tricky, so be careful on the next moves you make. Click on the Select and Uniform Scale and select the very top of the crystals. Hold down the left mouse button, and drag down, until the crystal becomes a point, like shown in the picture to the right. If you need to, you can select the Rotate tool, and rotate the object around a little bit to see the head of the crystals.

Now press F3, and go to Modify and from the drop menu, choose Noise, and enter these amounts.
Now goto MeshSmooth from the drop menu, and for Iterations enter 2.

Ok, now that you have your shape, you are going to make it the color you want. So goto Rendering > Material Editor. Click on the gray square next to Ambient, and choose the color of your choice. Do the same with Specular. (For Ambient I used these settings - Red:0, Green:159, Blue:123).

Now to make yur object a little shiny. Stay in the Modifier List, and scroll down until you see Maps. Click on Maps, and check Specular Level, and Glossiness. Now next to those 2, there should be boxes that say None. Click on the box for Specular Level, and click Falloff. Now go back to Maps, and do the same for Glossiness. Then for Glossiness, under Amount, enter 45. Now assign the material by clicking .

Ok, now you can get out of the Material Editor, and goto Rendering > Render, and click Render. Save it as Object.BMP. And now you're done with 3D Max! Now open Photoshop :).

Open Object.BMP in Photoshop, select the whole thing with the Rectangular Marquee Tool, and goto Edit > Copy. Now make a new document, and paste it.

Now open texture1.jpg out of the textures folder, select the whole thing with the Rectangular Marquee Tool, copy it, and now goto the document with the Object, and paste it. Now on the drop menu of layer 2 in the layers pallette, choose Overlay, and for Opacity enter 60%.

Ok, open texture2.jpg, and do the same thing you did with texture1, but for Opacity enter 70%. Simple enough, right?

Alright, now open texture3.jpg, and copy and paste it into the document with the object. Goto Filter > Blur > Radial Blur. For amount enter 20, and click OK.

Now on Layer4, which should be the layer of the blueish water texture, choose Soft Light from the drop menu, 50% for the opacity. And YOUR DONE! You can add textures as you please, this method works with any object and any texture :).



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