PHP Tutorials [Form Mailer]

Well first before go start make sure your host supports php or this script wont work! OK?

- OK first since were dealing with php d/l this very easy script I found here
- Now open up formail.php,I'm showing you how to configure the script now..ok find this:
// referers.. domains/ips that you will allow forms to
// reside on.
$referers = array ('','','');
Just just change the areas in bold (if u don't know your host ip just leave it alone)
- OK now right below it you should see this:
// banned emails, these will be email addresses of people
// who are blocked from using the script (requested)
$banlist = array ('*', '', '');
Change the areas in bold in order to block that certain email addy
The best thing to do is put email addys so dumbasses wont just push enter an send a blank form so say like mine I have:
Put for a banned email addy ""
an it will give an error as "banned email addy" ,so just change it up to whatever you put as your form,got it?
- Now that's all the needed configuring,upload formail.php in your cgi-bin then CHMOD it 777 (what'sCHMODing? click here)
- OK now lets make your form,in the script u just d/led it has an example form ,but I'm going to show you an easier way...

-First thing you need to do on making a form mailer insert this tag:
<form action=
-Next make a table with 5 rows and 2 columns with border 0

Now in the in the columns put these in this order
You can change those later, just use this until you get it working right
-Next in the 2nd column, first row insert this tag
<input class=forms size=23 name=subject2 value="type subject here">
-Next under that in the next row insert this tag
<input class=forms size=23 name=email value="">
-Next under that in the next row insert this tag
<input class=forms size=23 name=url value="http://">
-Next under that in the next row insert this tag
<TEXTAREA class=forms name=message rows=5 cols=35 >huh?</TEXTAREA>
-Next in the last row insert your buttons or button
<input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Enter"> | <input type="reset" name="reset" value="Reset">
-OK now for the hidden fields just put these under the table
<input type=hidden value=yourname@yoursite name=recipient>
<input type=hidden value=subject,email,message name=required>
<input type=hidden value= name=redirect>
(For the redirect one, well you don't have to do it but it makes your form better so make a new page an type what u want it to say and save it as "emailsent.htm")
-OK finally end your form with this:
- OK now that's basically how to set up your form except you'll need to make it look all nice the way you want to ,just play with it until you get it to look really nice ,like the one I made below. On a note my form is disabled,an if you cant get it to work right ask questions in the forums

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