Other Tutorials [Ripping DVD's]

This will teach you how to copy DVD's to .AVI files. You need a DVD drive, DVDx, Radium MP3 Codec, DivX Codec. It is recommended that you have Smart Ripper and 8 free gigs of hard drive space. The entire process takes about 6 hours depending on your system speed.

First off, install all the shit listed above, restart your computer. Then pop your DVD in.

Now if you have 8 gigs of free space, this is the way to go. You will be copying the full uncompressed DVD to your harddrive in .VOB format. This will be a lot easier on your DVD drive and you will only need the DVD for like 30 minutes. Open up smart ripper, let it go through the diagnostics. Now down at the bottom, you need to select the target output. That is the folder when you will rip the .VOB files to. Hit the Start button and let it do it's work. After this you will not need smart ripper.

Now that you have the DVD files on your drive you need to compress them. Open up DVDx.exe, if it gives you any shit just open DVDxP4.exe. Go to file > Open IFO. Now select the IFO file, it should be in the directory where you ripped the .VOB files to.
Now if you don't have 8 gigs of free space you would rip directly from the DVD. Do this by going to File > Open DVD root, and select the IFo from there.

Now we need to configure the compression. Go to Settings > Output settings. From the first drop down menu, select "AVI output". Directly under that, check the "Enable audio/video" boxes. Hit "Audio Codec" button, and select "Radium MP3" from the list, and push "OK". Now hit the "Video Codec" button and select "DivX" from the list, and push "OK".

Now we are still at the Output Settings menu. On the left middle side, look for "Volume don't exceed". From the drop down menu under that select "Custom chapters". Now to the right of that hit the "Settings" button. Highlight all the chapters and "Create List". Then you apply it. Then you also apply the Output settings.

Now back to the main screen. At the bottom, hit "Select Output", and choose where you want the file to go. Then you hit "Encode" at the top and let it work.

I have only discovered one problem, you may not be able to use Windows Media Player even when the DivX codec is installed. You may need to use an actually need to use a DivX player.

If you find this information inaccurate or have questions post in the forums