Other Tutorials [Reformat]

When you get a virus or something goes terribly wrong you need to reformat. This clears everything off your computer, I'm talking everything. Now there are a few ways to do this depending on what your set up is.

Windows 95, 98, NT, 2k, ME, XP with recovery disk - Insert the recovery disk and follow the instructions.

Windows 95, 98 with installation disk - Go to control panel, Add/Remove programs then select the startup tab, and create a boot disk. Restart in MS-DOS mode. It should say "C:\Windows>" key in "cd\" and you will see "C:\>". Now key in "format C:", then key in "y" at the prompt. Wait for it to scrap your drive then when it restarts, have the boot disk in the A drive. Select "Boot from CD-ROM" and make sure the Windows Installation disk is in the drive and install it from there.

Windows NT, 2k, ME, XP, with installation disk - Get your friend's recovery disk, pop it in and follow the instructions. While it's reformatting switch the recovery disk with the installation disk. Then install it from there.

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