Other Tutorials_ [Decent Site]

Well the first thing you want to do is learn HTML. Go to htmlgoodies and take the 7 primers.

Now you need a name, try to be original about this. Don't use words like digital, optic. If you don't have to add numbers on to your URL, that's how you know it's on original name. Such as Omega Bum. And make sure you have a story behind the name.

Now you need to create a layout. Pick three colors that go nicely together. I suggest two colors and white, or two colors and black. Create a top image then build the navigation and content under it. Try to keep it clean and free of clutter.

It's OK to let a site inspire you, but don't rip it. You will be exposed, trust me. If you see a site you like and are tempted to rip it, don't go back to it for at least a week and then start on your layout. This way you will have most likely forgot all the details of the layout and will not have included them in your site. You don't want to be afraid to show your site off, so make it legitimate.

Try to produce something no other site has, or at least that few do. Everyone knows you can download shit talker and read blog at any site. Do not reproduce content from other sites, that is just pointless. Make a site that is 100% yours. If someone inspires you or you do use their work, link them and give them credit.

Now that you have completely finished your site, that means no "coming soon" pages, you need a host. Don't waste your time with free hosts, it's just not worth it. Especially since everyone is paying for hosting now, they will host you for free.

After your site is up you need to get people to it. Topsites don't get you many hits. However tagboards do. Go to popular sites and sign their tagboards, don't lie or suck up on them, just sign them.

Now you need to trade some links. Don't just trade links with people if you don't like their site that much, trade with them for a reason such as they have nice content or a design. Read the FAQ, then ask good sites if they will trade links with you, if they say no, don't take it personally.

I have done almost all these things and maybe still doing them. But they are not good!

  • Don't have a bunch of coming soon pages.
  • Don't have a bunch of 404's.
  • Don't reposition the window or size it, such as a pop-up.
  • Don't use fancy crazy links, a simple hover change color is fine.
  • Don't use frames, they are dated and ugly.
  • Don't use preload scripts.
  • Don't use transition effects, such as the page fading.
  • Don't use pictures of bands in your layout.
  • Don't make your site wider then your banner.
  • Don't use a free layout.
  • Don't have other people make your shit.
  • Don't have a counter on every page.
  • Don't TyPE lIke YoU HAvE a MeNTal DEFect.
  • Don't try t0 b3 4ll 733t0.
  • Don't replace links with linkz.
  • Don't have links that aren't linked.
  • Don't have your links in strike out.
  • Don't have a no right click on all your pages.

    If you find this information inaccurate or have questions post in the forums