htaccess Tutorials [Cutom Error Pages]

So you want a custom error message aye? Well here you go mofo.

Well just paste the following code into notepad:
ErrorDocument 404
(Replace 404 with whatever error number you want, and the URL with the page for that error).

Save it with file name as .htaccess, and the file type as All Files.

Upload this in ASCII to your root (main) directory (folder).

Here are a list of other errors that could occur:
401 - Authorization Required
400 - Bad request
403 - Forbidden
500 - Internal Server Error
404 - Wrong page

If it didn't work, then you saved the file as .htaccess.txt , didn't upload the file in ASCII, may need to CHMOD it to 644, or your host straight up doesn't support it.

If you find this information inaccurate or have questions post in the forums