Cgi Tutorials [UBB Tutorial]

CHMODing is VERY important!,if you don't do it your scripts will NOT work
666 = Read & Write for all three columns.
755 = Read, Write & Execute for Owner, Read & Execute for Group & Other.
777 = Read, Write & Execute for all.

Need Help on CHMODing? If you use Cute Ftp click here an if you have WS_FTP click here

This is the best CGI forum, vBulletin is the best by far though.

- First if you don't have the script d/l it here.
- Next open ultimatebb.cgi, cp.cgi, and ubb_upgrade.cgi and check the perl path at the top ,its normally#!/usr/bin/perl ,check with your host to make sure.
- Then make a directory called UBB an upload ALL cgi files in ASCII MODE that are in the cgi-bin folder an cp.cgi then CHMOD ALL of those to 755 (including the directory) then make a Modules folder (be sure to make the MIME an Net subfolders too with the files in each folder that its in) in same directory an upload ALL of those files too ,you don't have to CHMOD those. (with me so far?)
- Next make a directory called Members an upload those 2 files in ASCII MODE an CHMOD the directory an members_test.cgi to 777.
- Then open the variables folder an upload all the files in ASCII MODE in the UBB directory (where u put the other cgi files) then CHMOD all to 777
Now make a directory called noncgi, CHMOD it to 777 and upload everything (except Templates)in BINARY MODE including the sub folders (meaning make the subfolders in noncgi an upload the files in each subfolder to the folder itself. "ex: inside noncgi you should have a folder named drk-bg-images an icons, an inside each u should have all the files that go inside each folder")
- Now make a directory called Templates in your UBB directory an upload everything in ASCII MODE an you don't have to CHMOD those.
- Now call up ubb in your browser (ex: http://yoursite/cgi-bin/UBB/cp.cgi) ,you should see a setup screen an will ask u for your paths an shit ,but since I don't know yours ,you'll have to ask your host.
- Now after you did that an IF you did everything right you should have a greeting screen that says "click here" then u have to make an account in order to log into your cp,then after you made yourself the admin ,log-in!
- Now first you need to check yourPrimary Settings (first drop-down menu on the left ) an if your images don't show up u simply have the path wrong ,just go in there and change it to what you named it too.
- Yeah your done you should have your own forums if there are errors (which there shouldn't be if you followed this) just go back an see if you made a mistake or post forums