Cgi Tutorials [Megabook Tutorial]

CHMODing is VERY important!,if you don't do it your scripts will NOT work
666 = Read & Write for all three columns.
755 = Read, Write & Execute for Owner, Read & Execute for Group & Other.
777 = Read, Write & Execute for all.

Need Help on CHMODing? If you use Cute Ftp click here an if u have WS_FTP click here

Mega book is probably the best an easiest guestbook to set up an u shouldn't need this ,but I will post this just in case u get stuck on something.

- First if you don't have it download megabook 1.0 here then extract to a folder of your choice.
- Second u HAVE to double check an make sure your perl path is right(in all cgi files) its usually"#!/usr/bin/perl",if your not sure ask your host.
- Make a directory called mbook then upload All files in ASCII mode!
Next CHMOD guestbook.cgi/signgbook.cgi/viewpriv.cgi/admin.cgi to755 then CHMOD header.txt/entry.txt/footer.txt/badwords.txt/banned.txt to 666 an CHMOD setup.db/gbook.db to 666 too.
- Finally call up admin.cgi in your browser (ex.http://yousite/cgi-bin/mbook/admin.cgi) then enter megabook as the password,then u can edit the colors/fonts/ what u want....if you need any more help post in the forums