AIM Tutorials [Custom Splash]

This demonstration is only on how to change the splash image, that is, the little picture when you're at the sign on screen. You will need eXescope and something to make your new image with.

Exit AIM completely, that means right click on the little AIM tray icon be the clock and select exit.

You need to make a graphic using few colors, it cannot be too complex. The dimensions have to be 190 x 150 pixels. I would suggest you save the graphic as a GIF, because the file size must be under 3.01 kb.

Go to My Computer > C Drive > Program Files > AIM95. In that directory, you need to find the file AimRes.dll. Open ExeScope, then drag the AimRes.dll icon into the eXeScope screen.

On the left you should see :
+ Header
+ Import
+ Resources
Now you want to expand the "Resources" menu by clicking once on the + to the left of it.

You now want to expand "GIFDATA" the same way. Now click once on the "103" under GIFDATA.

Now you need to import that image you created. Go to File > Import. and select your image. Exit the program. You will be prompted, make sure botch boxes are unchecked, then press "OK'. Now start up AIM, and you're done.

If you find this information inaccurate or have questions post in the forums