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Cgi Scripts Cgi Scripts [The best ones]

File: Anti Leech 5
Description: This is the best anti leech made ( i use this )
Download: Here

File: Button Click 4.0
Description: This is a new and pretty good click count
Download: Here

File: Chicanery Board
Description: This is a new tagboard out an i like it an it has more features than the other ones,so check it out.
Download: Here

File: Clickcount 1.0
Description: This will count how many times a link has been clicked
Download: Here

File: Clickcount 2.0
Description: A newer version of above
Download: Here

File: Clickmonitor
Description: This is another type of click count
Download: Here

File: Coranto beta
Description: This is the newest newspro out but they renamed it to this shit for some reason,an this version expires after a while
Download: Here

File: Counter service v1.0
Description: Have ur own counter servive
Download: Here

File: DC Forms 2000
Description: These are pretty good forums
Download: Here

File: Ez Form Mail
Description: This is a very easy formmailer
Download: Here

File: FFAL 2.60
Description: The best free-for-all links script
Download: Here

File: Formmail v1.9
Description: Alot of people like this formmailer (a bitch to configure though)
Download: Here

File: Greymatter
Description: If u feel like cussing alot get this cause its a bitch to set all this shit up (its like newspro)
Download: Here

File: Homefree
Description: Manage ur sites hosting,ive seen big free host use this script
Download: Here

File: Ikonboard
Description: Alot of people like this,maybe cause its so fucking easy to install
Download: Here

File: Megabook
Description: The first version of the best guestbook
Download: Here

File: Megabook 2.0
Description: The latest version that has thse admin comments
Download: Here

File: Newspro 3.73
Description: This is what i started using,let other people post on ur site,but like i said newsphp is way better
Download: Here

File: Newspro 3.8
Description: Newer version of above
Download: Here

File: Newspro Add-ons
Description: Just a bunch of add-ons for newspro
Download: Here

File: Newspro add-on category
Description: A add-on for newspro that adds a new category
Download: Here

File: Newspro add-on htmlbuild
Description: Great add-on for newspro
Download: Here

File: Newspro add-on preview
Description: Add-on that allows u to preview ur post before u post it
Download: Here

File: Redirect It
Description: Like ur own cjb.net
Download: Here

File: Redirect Pro
Description: This is better than above
Download: Here

File: Stagger
Description: This is a odd tagboard
Download: Here

File: Tag
Description: A tagboard ith less features
Download: Here

File: Tagboard
Description: Same tag script i use an this one is basicly edited for u
Download: Here

File: Tagpro
Description: This is the latest tag script ,but its retarded,cause it left out a shit load of stuff an sucks if u dont know how to edit perl
Download: Here

File: Tagpro: Better version
Description: Well this is the version above,but i took the time an edited it ,so it would work better,so if u want a tagboard d/l this one,cause it has admin features like ,modify/delete post,uses cookies, just plain better,an i includes a step-by-step install file,that i wrote
Download: Here

File: TCounter
Description: This is a really good counter but u need SSI(server side includes,.shtml page) for it to work
Download: Here

File: Topsitespro 3.5
Description: The best free topsites script,same one i use
Download: Here

File: Ultraboard 2000
Description: I see some sites use this ,but i havent tried it yet
Download: Here

File: YabbGold (cgi version)
Description: This is another popular forums script
Download: Here

File: YabbGold (pl version)
Description: The pl version of this forum script
Download: Here

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